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Zenitco vityaz handguard

Zenitco Handguard B-21M is milled made out of D16T aluminum alloy with a powder coating. Fits Russian Saiga 9mm and Vityaz rifle. . When installed correct it forms very solid 3 Picatinny rails that allow for installation of additional equipment (tactical grip, weapon lights, laser designators and sling mounts.

ZenitCo made charging handle cap makes reloading of your AK more comfortable. Super lightweight (only 17 gramms!) Will fit 5,45 AK-74 and it's derivatives with the same bolt carrier. For other AKs consider Armacon Knopka or LAC Titan CNC machined aluminum Use of blue threadlocker is recommended Click HERE for compatibility list $50.00 Color. The KP-9 is a US manufactured 9mm semi-automatic AK style pistol. It is based on the Russian Vityaz-SN submachine gun, has a 9.25" barrel and accepts 30 round double stack Kalashnikov USA. B-21u Lower handguard in jungle green ($189) 2.B-19n Upper over gas tube rail in jungle green ($159) 3. RK-9 AK grip in green ($159) 4.

Buy Russian Zenitco RP-2 Vityaz/KP9 charging handle knob - Please Read Below: ... Search: Zenitco Aks74u. Zenimei Handguard B-19 for B-10M Beschreibung Zusätzliche Information Diese Rail ist einer Zenitco B-18 Rail nachempfunden *Price Drop* Zenitco B-18 AK74u AKS74u Krink Krinkov Top Rail Equipment Exchange » AK Mags, Parts & Accessories AR.

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"B-21L handguard" rail is milled product made of aluminum alloy D16T coated with black or desert color. Designed for Vityaz SN, Saiga-9, TR9 Raradox and rifles based on them. "B-21L handguard" rail forms Basis rails on three sides. I'm wanting to mount a Zenitco B-21m handguard, B-22 optic rail, & an Ultimak M-19 to my KP-9, but I am unsure if there would be any clearance issues between the B-21m & the M-19. ... 1913 rails into the gas tube & lowering the plane of the rails. I know it's not a gas tube anymore, on a KP-9/Saiga 9/Vityaz type of AK, so, I wouldn't be.

Zenitco B-10U Handguard . $126.99. Out of stock. Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; B-21M Handguard . $129.99. Out of stock. Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; B-21U HANDGUARD FOR Vityaz and KP-9 . ... B-21L Rail for Vityaz and KUSA KR-9. New . $129.00. Out of stock. Add to Wishlist | Add to Compare; NPN-2 rail cover. New . $3.00. Out.

Zenitco 😎 Saiga-MK 7.62 😎 On the rifle: B-10L handguard, B-19N upper handguard, PT-1S buttstock, B-33 dust cover, RK-9 pistol grip , Rp-1 charging handle, "Shadow-2" muzzle device, "Klesch-2PS+laser" flashlight on B-9L rail, RL-1 hand stopper, "Vzor-1" red dot. Search: Micro Draco Hand Grip . It features double locking lugs, unlocking raceway, and a trigger mechanism derived from.

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